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The disparity that dare not speak its name

The recent increase in racial disparity in violence victims in NYC is getting worse. The disparity was always large. Nut now it’s worse. This year, through September, 1,430 New Yorkers have been shot. Five months between January and May, 366. Four months between June–September, 1,064. 1,064 is 2.6X compared to June–September last year. Over these past four months, a black…

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Bail Reform’s “Collateral Damage”?

I know defund police police and prison advocates ignore this kind of case and accuse those who mention this of “sensationalizing” crime. But somebody was murdered. And if we don’t talk about this, how do we prevent it from happening again? As reported in the Daily News: “The diminutive 5-foot-tall Armand … was ordered by Judge April Neubauer to attend…

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Reliable NYC Crime Data: Yes, shootings are up.

[Warning, this is a whole lot of nothing-burger in the end. But still, for those interesting in crime data, it might be worth reading.] Shootings are up so much in NYC that social scientists are left accusing the NYPD of “juking” the stats. Now I’ve been using NYPD data for a long time and compared to, well, every other source…

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