Baltimore Stops Policing

I thought not clearing drug corners after the 2015 riots was a big deal. It was. Murders nearly doubled. But “little” things like this are big deals.


And very few will notice the cause and effect after the fact. That’s the shame. There’s no accountability for what are purely political decision. “Cops are pulling back!” they’ll say. And it’s true. But people need to get at the way.

Baltimore cops are being told (the “after consulting with a lieutenant or above” is the hammer) to not arrest for drugs, attempted distribution of drugs, prostitution, trespassing, “minor” traffic offenses (minor without-quotes traffic offenses are already not arrestable) public drinking, and pissing or shitting in public.

This is a big deal. Who wants this? It’s a political choice, and a bad one.

“Rogues and vagabonds” can finally rogue and vagabond in peace.

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