Shooting in NYC, 2020

Quality of life / Broken Windows policing has basically ended in NYC. There simply is no proactive enforcement. Every category from open container to public pissing to being in a park after hours. Collectively all these categories (listed below) resulted in tens of thousands of police public contacts. It correlates with the largest increase in violence in New York City history. It might be just coincidence. It seems like more than that, though. These weren’t arrests, mind you. They were civil and criminal citations. The former is a ticket. That latter requires a court appearance.

In the 3rd quarter of 2017, NYPD issued 11,500 for open container and 1,500 tickets for pissing in public. in the 3rd quarter of 2020 these were down to 1,400 and 75, respectively.

If one goes back further (the public data doesn’t go back further in such detail) the enforcement was far greater. Perhaps too great. But at some point there was a sweet spot. No enforcement isn’t working.

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Civil citation including are: Unlawful consumption/possession of alcoholic beverages, Public urination, Unauthorized presence in park when closed to public, Failure to comply with directions/prohibitions on signs, Littering, Unlawful bicycle riding on sidewalk, Causing or permitting unreasonable noise (7 am to 10 pm), Causing or permitting unreasonable noise (10 pm to 7 am), vend in bus stop, next to hospital/10 ft of drive, subway, crosswalk, Unlicensed general vendor.

Criminal citations included are: bicycle on sidewalk, congregates with other persons in public and refuses to disperse by lawful police order, consumption of alcohol (+ in park), Dis Con (all), dog: failure to remove canine waste, dog: unleased, failure to comply with sign, knife (all), littering (all), Other NYS Transportation, other park regulation, panhandling, trespass, urinating, vendor (all).


2 thoughts on “Shooting in NYC, 2020

  1. There are probably a few other variables we might consider during 2020, not just declining police enforcement, that are relevant, no? Schools closed, Jobs lost, Hunger, Isolation, Pandemic death, not to mention a flagrantly lawless President. We might want to work these into the model, too. Have a good weekend, brother.🙂

    1. But violence went up during _one_ specific week. I think those other factors contributed, but when didn’t they matter before the last week of May?


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